China Plastic Bag Ban 2020

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BEIJING, Jan 19 2020

China’s central government today has announced a policy that may change the plastic bag industry for the next decades. It restrict the production, sales and use of single-use plastic bag and other packaging material like cups, straw, pp woven bag, etc.

china plastic bag ban 2020

Innovation on Recyclable, Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

The government will encourage the innovation on compostable plastic packaging on the market. This is nation-wide policy and there will be many organizations get involved in.

Main Goal of the Plastic Ban

By 2020, ban or restrict the production, sales and use of certain plastic products in certain areas.

By 2022 single-use plastic use will be reduce dramatically. The biodegradable and compostable plastics are promoted instead. Waste plastic can be more recycled and reused. Ecommerce, pick-up fast food, express can adapt the new policy.

By 2025 there will be a good plastic products management system. Biodegradable bags will be in its best days. Major cities will consume less plastic bags than now. Plastic pollution curbed.

Plastic Ban Details

Production and sales of plastic bags thinner than 25 microns are prohibited. Agricultural mulch included. No one can use medical waste plastic to produce any product in China. Single-use foam food containers, cotton swabs are not allowed to produce or sell. Import of waste plastics into China is prohibited.

Exact Plastic Products Banned

Non Compostable Plastic Bag

By end of 2020 supermarkets, drug store, book shops and restaurants in major cities can not use plastic bags that is not biodegradable. Free market will only restrict or regulate the usage. By end of 2022, all cities and counties can not use plastic bags.

Disposable Non Compostable Plate and Bowl

Disposble non biodegradable plastic straws, bowls, plates, forks, spoons will be banned. All the restaurants and dinning rooms will be able to provide these tools.

Disposable Plastics and Non-Woven For Hotels

Hotels can not offer free disposable brushtooth, slippers, etc. These products can be provided to customers through vending machine.

Express Courier Plastic Packaging

By end of 2022, courier companies will not use non compostable plastic packaging and pp woven bags. Reduce the use of regulare BOPP adhesive tapes.

Packaging Products Encouraged

compostable plastic bag

Cloth bags, paper bag, biodegradable plastic bags are encouraged to use in supermarkets and shops. Biodegradable film for produce, vegetables and fruits. Use biodegradable mulch in farms. Bagasse or sugar cane cups, cutlery, bowl, plates, trays are encouraged to use.

You can see more details here.

Effect on Chinese Bioplastics Market

This policy will make a boost on China’s bioplastics market. Right now Chinese company are investing heavily on biodegradable polymers including PLA, PBAT, PBS etc. The plastic ban will increase their market a lot. Companies in this industry will benefit from the policy from 2020.