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Compostable Bags – 100% Biodegradable

Chinese Manufacturer of Compost Bags Made With 100% Biodegradable Plastic Polymer and Corn Starch. Certified Compostable by DIN CERTCO, BPI and ABA.

Compostable Plastic Bags

Compostable Garbage Bag, Trash Bag, Bin Liners

Compostable Garbage Bag

Compostable Carrier Bag, Checkout Bag, T-shirt Bag

Compostable T-shirt Bag

Compostable Produce Bag

Compostable Produce Bag

compostable biodegradable dog poop pet waste bag

Compostable Dog Poop Bag

High Production Capacity

automatic bag making machine

Our production factory located in China features high speed automatic bag making machine. The tailered machinery are perfect for biodegradable film blowing and bag making.

Nowadays we have huge compostable bags production capacity in China. Can supply to Europe, USA and Australia with certificate and seedling logo on bags.

If you are looking to buy biodegradable plastic bags or compostable bags, contact us now!

Industrial & Home Composting

compostable plastics

Compostable bags can be composted in either Industrial Composting facilities or Home Composting. For plastic packaging to be called compostable it has to biologically decompose and disintegrate in a composting system.

Standards: EN 13432, AS 4736, ASTM D6400